Continuing the purposeful development of activities related to the maintenance and repair of lifting equipment, the company has installed the CRM system Service Module.
Service employees are equipped with mobile devices showing their assigned tasks. When traveling to the client, the travel time starts to run in the program, and after arrival at the client, the start of the work is recorded. The manager plans and manages service requests from the initial registration to the closing of the order. The service process is divided into stages, each of which has a maximum number of days during which you should have to go to the next stage. Accordingly, a specialist coordinating the service operation can manage the movement of all employees and succession of works more effectively.
The program allows you to upload video about problematic crane locations. It helps to understand the problems more clearly, to see the details that should be ordered and to provide remote assistance more efficiently. Upon completion of the work, an electronic act on the completion of works is created. After the client signs an act on a touch screen, it is sent to the client to his e-mail.
Understanding the great significance of the continuous operation of lifting equipment for success of our clients, we pay great attention to the preventive measures of this equipment. During the inspection, the service technicians see the entire inspection plan on the mobile device.
For the communication with its clients Baltic Cranes Industry uses the suite CRM system that is supported by and new solutions are implemented by UAB Mokas IT.